Midwest’s Dog Fetish

I really don’t understand the obsession that Midwest Airlines has with dogs.

First, they for them. Fine, that’s a good way to reach dog lovers and probably makes some sense. Then they , a “welcome gift” for dogs when they fly. Mmmkay, starting to get creepy.

So yesterday, when they put out a press release entitled, “,” I could only shake my head and wonder . . . why is the PR team focused on this when they might want to worry a little more about that hostile takeover from AirTran? Maybe they just need some good news to focus on – they haven’t had much of that lately – but pampered pooches?

Not that most of you care, but just in case . . . . That last release was about how they transported two “special canine athletes” from Florida to New York. That’s it. Nothing else. Oy vey.

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