This Week on BNET (March 16 – 20)

On the surface, Hawaiian appears to be doing well in the world of on-time performance, but when you dig down, you see that’s not the case.

Digging through Continental’s 10-K, there is plenty to talk about including all kinds of fun notes about the fleet, distribution channels, and more.

The IATA Premium Traffic Monitor is out, and will it surprise you to hear that things keep getting worse? I thought not.

JetBlue has put out a hilarious couple of spots supporting its campaign to be the replacement for the CEOs corporate jet.

The news from Continental is ugly this March, and it’s enough to scare anyone. But US Airways isn’t feeling the pinch nearly as much.

Sun Country has recently announced service from the new Branson Airport to both Minneapolis and Dallas. It’s good news for the airport, but they still need more.

I thought this would be a good time to dive deeper into Virgin America’s ownership issues. What exactly is going on and how will it turn out?

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