My Video Review of the JetBlue Snack Boxes

Hours after I wrote my scathing review of the new JetBlue snack boxes last week, I just happened to be at an event with the local JetBlue crew here in Long Beach. The station manager invited me to come on out to the airport and he would set me up with each of the five boxes so I could do a taste test. Did you think there was any way I’d turn that down? Nope. I taped it and condensed it down to under eight minutes with clever (read:awful) editing. (Brownie points for anyone who knows where that music is from.)

Yep, there were some decent things in there, but honestly, anything I tasted after that sugary pretzel dip was written in a haze.

Was I too harsh on JetBlue last week? If they weren’t JetBlue yes, but since they are JetBlue, no. I think most of us have come to expect more from the airline and this offering is more worthy of one of the other guys that everyone likes to beat up. I had my hopes up that they would come up with something better when they finally started offering grub. Maybe they’ll get there eventually.

Maybe I should blame humanity rather than JetBlue. After all, people are buying this crap, and if they weren’t, JetBlue wouldn’t be selling it. Regardless, I really hope that JetBlue comes up with something better.

They can keep that pretzel dip though.

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