Help Me Plan a Trip to NYC with Trippy

Who wants to help me ? If you have a Facebook account, log on to and help. (Use beta code “cranky” to get access.)

Trippy launched in beta yesterday, and I’m happy to be a member of the advisory council. One of the reasons I really like the advisory council idea is that Trippy is looking for real back to make it a better site. They’ve reached out to me and others to try to get some real usage going. So, hop on and take it for a test drive.

The idea is one you’ve heard before – it’s all about social travel planning. Sounds like a bunch of buzzword-y, but it makes sense. If I go on to many sites, I’ll just get unfiltered reviews. Why do that when I can just ask people in my network?

Of course, the problem is that I don’t want to push my friends to sign up for a new site and then make them leave a bunch of detailed reviews. That can be a real pain, so that’s why I like Trippy.

You can login with Facebook Connect, so you don’t have to sign up for yet another username and password. (If you don’t use Facebook this isn’t good, and I’ve already passed that back on.) You can also help me with my trip pretty easily. It doesn’t require a long review or anything like that.

So let’s take a test spin this week. Take a look and see if you can help make some recommendations.

And of course, please leave your comments about the site here. What needs to be fixed? What would make it more usable? Anything you can add will go directly to the guys at Trippy. Can’t beat having a direct back line like that.

In the interest of full disclosure, as always, I do get compensation for participating on the board. Still, I wouldn’t do it at all if I didn’t think there was something to it.

Check it out and see what you think.

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