Cranky on the Web (October 15 – 19)

This one actually went up awhile ago, but I just got around to posting the link. I’m not writing a couple times a month for the new travel site Travora. Travora was the old Travel Ad Network and it bought TravelMuse and NileGuide. Those will all be phased out and instead the new will be used. My column will be focused more on general types of travel tips.

Conde Nast Daily Traveler
American will let you pre-order your meals if you’re sitting in first or business class in the near future.

The Glove Box Blog
I like these kinds of interviews because they ask questions which I don’t usually get asked. It was fun to think about my travel habits and preferences.

Airplane Geeks
Instead of being a guest on the podcast as I have been in the past, I was a guest host this time. Unfortunately, much of the podcast was about general aviation and that’s not exactly my area of expertise. Still, as always, it’s a fun listen.

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