Topic of the Week: Should I Retire the “Who/What the F*&@” Series Name?

On Monday, I posted the latest in my “Who/What the F*&@” series of posts. Usually, this series explores new airlines coming on the scene, but I also on occasion use it to explain random things in the industry. This week’s post on auxiliary power units was a great example.

But every time I put up a post in this series, I inevitably get one or two emails taking me to task for swearing. (Of course, I’m not technically swearing, but it’s pretty easy to figure out the intent.) Personally, I like the name of the series. I think it grabs your attention and sets a lighter tone for the post. But I’m tired of either ignoring or responding to (depending upon the tone) people who complain. So I’m going to put it to a vote. Take the poll below, and I’ll go with the one that wins. This way, if you decide you like the name, my response to those who don’t will just be to cut and paste a link to this poll.

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