Cranky on the Web – SkyMall Goes Down, Monstrous Blizzards, Cleveland, and Snail Mail

It was a busy week on the web…

SkyMall is bankrupt and Bloomberg asked me why. You probably can figure it out without my help.

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
This one of the many stories about this week’s blizzard. I talked about how things had gone for us at Cranky Concierge.

Yahoo! Travel
Thanks to for suggesting people Cranky Concierge if they run into weather trouble.
Wendy Perrin left Conde Nast Traveler to start her own travel business, and she included Cranky Concierge in this week’s newsletter.

Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cleveland Plain Dealer
The Plain Dealer takes a look at the state of Cleveland’s air service a year after United announced it was pulling down the hub. I was quoted in both pieces.

Taking a look at the fun fight in Seattle just in time for the super bowl.

Small Business Center
Lastly, a look at snail mail. I’m trying to figure out a good way to deal with this.

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