3 Links I Love – WOW air Gets Big, US Airways was Safe, and Porter’s Jet Plans Are In Trouble

Today’s featured link:

WOW air
I was onboard with WOW air’s strategy of using narrowbodies to connect the US and Europe via Iceland. But now I can only wonder if it’s jumped the shark. The airline is picking up A330-300s to fly to LA and San Francisco. That’s a big change in strategy, and it seems ill-advised. There are still a ton of opportunities using smaller aircraft on shorter routes. This just adds complexity and a LOT of seats.

Links I Love

Two for the road:

Charlotte Observer
An interesting look back on US Airways as a safe airline. Generally, people think of USAir as being unsafe considering how many crashes it had in the early 1990s. But things changed a lot since then, and now at least one person is looking back on the airline as being extremely safety-minded.

Metro Canada
The new Canadian government doesn’t seem too interested in letting Porter fly C-Series aircraft from Toronto’s close-in Billy Bishop airport.

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