Cranky on the Web: How Airline Systems Work, Delta Questions, Handling Tight Connections, Cranky’s Adventure

Cranky on the Web

CNN Money
I am no expert on IT, but CNN still wanted to get a better, basic understanding of how airline systems work in light of the Delta mess. I was happy to chime in with that.

The Street
Here’s a long article on Delta’s issues. I was asked specifically about whether this would have a long-lasting impact on demand. I doubt it. Read the article for more.

Condé Nast Traveler
Finally something NOT about Delta. (I must have received 10 different Delta inquiries this week.) CNT was looking for some advice on tight connections. As you can imagine, I have plenty. The one they quoted here was to get airline apps (I said you can also just use airline mobile sites) to get the most up-to-date gate info so you can run once you get off the airplane. I agree with all the other suggestions as well.

The Burbank Leader/LA Times
Well, the headline writer got it wrong (it was 9 airports), but the story was right. The Burbank Leader caught wind of my Tuesday adventure and decided to write it up.

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