Cranky’s 7 Best (or, Um, Worst) Photoshop Efforts

You’d think after 10 years that my awful photoshop skills would have improved, but nay. I take pride in the fact that they haven’t become any better. There have been a lot of terrible and hilarious photos over the years, but these are my favorites (and considering the back I’ve received, I know some of these are your favorites as well).

Here they are in order from the first date they were published.

JetBlue Says Buh Bye To Its Fourth Flight Attendant
When JetBlue decided to remove enough seats on its A320s to be able to use 3 instead of 4 flight attendants, this image immediately came to mind. Hope they were able to parachute safely, because now with JetBlue adding back seats, it’ll need a 4th once again.

My Comfort Polar Bear
People abusing the right to bring comfort animals on an airplane isn’t a new phenomenon. But I may have taken it a bit far when I brought my polar bear onboard. For the record, the only part that was photoshopped here was the polar bear. Why I had my shoe on my foot hand… I’ll blame lack of sleep.

Godzilla, Narita’s Nemesis
It’s hard to express just how much I love this one. Then again, you probably know that since I use it every time I write about why Haneda is preferred to Narita. One day I’ll have to come up with something different. Nah, nevermind. I love this too much.

Frontier and Midwest Battle Mortal Kombat-Style
Maybe it’s a roaring grizzly, excited in victory. Or maybe it’s the Midwest logo looking like a ghost face with the blood drained out of it. Either way, I still love this. Many others agree as this one produced a lot of notes.

Crocodile Dundee vs the TSA
This one was sort of a darkhorse since I didn’t even remember doing it. So why did it make the cut? As I was browsing through images, this one made me actually laugh out loud. Good enough for me.

The Hasselhoff Freedoms of the Air
When I worked at United, I was responsible for sending out this brutally awful spreadsheet every week filled with the planned promotions. It was so painful to read that I knew I had to do something to make it entertaining, and that’s when the Hoff made his debut. Looking back, it’s probably when my awful photoshop skills got their start. Unfortunately, one humorless boss told me in no uncertain terms that I had to stop having fun with the email immediately and the Hoff went into hiding. But he came back with the blog, and .

David Hasselhoff Freedom

JetBlue Channels Snoop
I’m not gonna lie. I was so proud of this one, and I didn’t get one person to comment on it when I published it last month. Maybe not everyone knows the words to Gin and Juice. Or maybe Snoop isn’t as cool as he used to be (bite your tongue). But much to my wife’s chagrin, I break this one out and continue to laugh every time I see it.

JetBlue and Juice in the LBC

What am I missing? Anything you like that should have made the cut?

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