3 Links I Love: Interviewing Ed Bastian, MD-80s Go Bye Bye, LAX in the 1960s

This week’s featured link:
Here’s a great 27m25s podcast where Kai Ryssdal from Marketplace interviews Delta CEO Ed Bastian. It’s a long, seemingly candid conversation that’s well worth a listen. I particularly like how fast Ed was to answer Kai’s 5-word-description challenge toward the end.

Links I Love

Two for the road:
Airways Magazine
American is down to only 61 MD-80s now that it retired 20 in one day. Airways was there onboard one of the flights, and it’s a fun, nostalgic read.

TimeOut Los Angeles
My dad actually sent me this link, and yes, it is some fantastic airplane porn. The footage from shortly after the terminals opened at LAX is just great.

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