On Track to Return, Thanks, and a Question

I’m back from vacation, fitted with a fancy splint, and ready to get back to work. Oh sure, proper typing is still months away and that reality is settling in, but I’m up for the challenge. Don’t worry. I’m not just writing a post to tell you I’m writing a post tomorrow. That’d be pretty obnoxious. I actually have two things to discuss.

First, thanks to everyone for all the well-wishes, All those tweets, emails, and yes, even Facebook messages (I really don’t like Facebook) were received and appreciated. I’d like to give triple bonus appreciation to those thoughtful folks who, realizing a response would require typing, made it clear that I shouldn’t bother writing back.

But perhaps the greatest appreciation of all goes to American Airlines. When I got home from my trip, I had a giant card waiting for me, signed by forty members of the communications and social teams. Why do I appreciate this more than the rest of your notes? Well, take a look.

AA Get Well Card

That’s right. The graphic design team incorporated my broken finger quite nicely… while not-so-subtly giving me the finger. I really hope that was done on purpose, because it makes it that much better. Thanks AA!

Now, for the last point. How do you feel about live-streaming or a podcast? I’m tempted to replace my Tuesday post with something that doesn’t require typing for a couple months. Let me know your thoughts in the poll below and in the comments.

Keep in mind that if I try this and it goes well, I’d likely just move the live stream/podcast to Wednesdays when the Tuesday post returns. I know some of you long-time readers still bemoan the loss of Wednesday posts many years ago, so this could be good news… maybe.

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I’ll be back with real airline discussion tomorrow.

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