3 Links I Love: Europe’s Fight With the US, Airbus Politics and Alabama, Solari Boards Down Under

This week’s featured link:
Irish Central
I figure I’ve written about the DOT enough lately, so I won’t bore you with another post on them. But this news is at least worth mentioning here. Europe has been threatening legal action against the US for stalling on the Norwegian application to have its Irish subsidiary fly to the US. The US has been hemming and hawing for no good reason, and it’s now been over 3 years. The European Commission had threatened to declare the US in breach of the open skies agreement, and now the hammer has dropped. The EC has begun arbitration proceedings to resolve this issue. It is shameful that it’s come to this, but at least we may finally get resolution one way or another. Though really, this is probably more a show of displeasure than anything else. I’d imagine the next administration will end up dealing with this sooner rather than later.

Links I Love

Two for the road:
Leeham News
If anyone is worried about possible foreign tariffs impacting the airlines, well, don’t worry about Airbus. Some high level folks are big fans.

Runway Girl Network
I love the sound and the look of a Solari board, so this story makes me happy.

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