3 Links I Love: The American Uniform Problem, Flying a Yak, JetBlue 100 Percent Wifi

This week’s featured link:
USA Today
If you haven’t been following, there has been quite the uproar over the new flight attendant uniforms at American. Many are saying that they’re breaking out in hives and the uniforms are full of chemicals. There’s been a lot of testing, and now, the manufacturer is pissed off. Read the full text of the letter that it sent to the flight attendant union.

Links I Love

Two for the road:
Bernie Leighton does some of the most fascinating flying on Earth. He chases Russian aircraft and has flown more than anyone else I know. This time, he hunted down a Yak-40 and wrote up the experience for AirlineReporter. I wish I had the balls to do something like this, because it would make for some great memories… once I was safely back on the ground.

Out of the Blue
Not only has JetBlue finished outfitting wifi on every single one of its airplanes, it now offers it gate-to-gate as well. No more waiting for 10,000 feet. Add in how fast JetBlue’s wifi is, and you have the best offering flying.

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