3 Links I Love: Joon Gets Worse, Feds Look at Fees, Southwest Says Seeya 737-300

This week’s featured link:
Air France
I’ve made it clear how much I dislike Joon, Air France’s new airline-within-an-airline previously. Now we have more information and I hate it even more. This is entirely about a made-up lifestyle and has almost nothing to do with flying airplanes. How can I say that? That’s exactly what Air France says.

Joon is a fashion brand, a rooftop bar, an entertainment channel, a personal assistant … and Joon does flying too!

We finally have routes announced, and in each of these, Joon takes over all Air France service to Charles de Gaulle airport. Within Europe, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, and Porto are first. Of course, this means that only millennials are now allowed to fly Air France from those cities since Joon is their only option. There will also be long-haul flights to the Seychelles and Fortaleza.

The more this begins to look like Ted at United (except for long haul), the more I dislike it. What a terrible, terrible plan. Then again, .

Two for the road:
US Government Accountability Office
If you like reading about airline fees, then you’ll love this report. The GAO dove in and looked at fees to see if there were still issues that hadn’t been addressed on the consumer side from previous rules. What GAO found is that yes, fares did decrease when bag fees were implemented. People who didn’t check bags paid less, but those who checked bags paid more. Well, yeah, no kidding. At the end, it mostly focuses on how sales through indirect channels are problematic and transparency is weak. Amen. Make those third parties fix their problems.

Southwest Stories
Southwest sends its 737-300 fleet off into retirement tonight with flight 68 leaving Houston at 1030p and arriving Dallas 1135p. It’s the end of an era, and one that most travelers probably won’t miss since the airplane was relatively loud and has no wifi. (Then again, it’s hard to argue that any Southwest airplane has functioning wifi.) Still, for the AvGeeks of the world, this is a sad day.

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