3 Links I Love: Airbus and the Bullshit Castle, Ode to the 747, Frontier Cuts

This week’s featured link:
Der Spiegel
The language is a bit stilted, but this very lengthy exposé dives into the messy world of bribery and corruption at Airbus. It’s an ugly picture and one that I don’t fully understand. This does appear to be pretty damning with Airbus undoubtedly going to get some kind of punishment. It just goes to show that all these manufacturers are corrupt in one way or another.

Two for the road:
The New York Times
I’m a sucker for any kind of tribute to the 747. As this pilot notes, the airplane itself won’t be gone completely anytime soon, but the number of 747s is dwindling quickly. It’s going to get much harder to fly on what was truly one of the most important inventions in aviation history.

Remember that massive new route launch that Frontier did earlier this year? Well the schedules weren’t out until relatively recently. And now a comparison of this summer and next shows a bunch of routes are going away as well.

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