3 Links I Love: The Tale of the Mighty Seat Belt, Norwegian Hunts for Business Travelers, Lufthansa’s Two-Color Confusion

Atlas Obscura
It takes skill to make an airplane seat belt into an interesting story, but Atlas Obscura did a great job of doing just that. Try to ignore Amy Fraher’s conspiracy-theory quotes and and just focus on what matters. An airplane seat belt does it job well precisely because it doesn’t have the same function as a car seat belt. Sure, there could be “safer” versions of belts that could be used, but they would be less comfortable, more expensive, and heavier. Is that a worthwhile trade-off when the potential benefit is so incredibly tiny? Regardless of how you’ll feel about that, you should enjoy the read.

Norwegian Press Release
It was a terrible 2017 for Norwegian, so how is the airline going to right itself? Well, the UK apparently is a big part of the plan. Notice that the airline is now talking about chasing business travelers. It needs more revenue, so it’s looking to people who will pay more. Good luck.

Here’s another piece on the new Lufthansa branding effort. I do believe that a makeover that makes it easier in the digital world is smart, but they could have modified the crane without changing the paint job and still had the same result. Still, it’s not a big deal since things are so similar that there’s no hurry to repaint the fleet quickly. They can just wait until aircraft are scheduled for new paint. All that being said, this quote is just silly. “As Schlaubitz explained that Lufthansa had ‘two colors that [were] equally weighted: blue and yellow.’ The competing colors made it ‘very difficult for customers to actually understand what Lufthansa stands for. We decided that we needed to take a hard look at that.'” Yes, with two colors, nobody could figure out what Lufthansa stood for. Give me a break.

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