3 Links I Love: JetBlue Gets Basic, Primera Fails, How to Launch a New Route

This week’s featured link:
 – JetBlue Out of the Blue
Basic Economy is coming to JetBlue, and that’s yet another proof point that the lure of low fares is inescapable.  It’s hard to comment on whether this makes sense or not until I see the actual plan to roll it out.  I would bet that JetBlue will do this better than the legacies, but that’s a pretty low bar.

Two for the road:
 – The Economist Gulliver
To the surprise of pretty much nobody, Primera Air has gone belly up.  You’ll remember Primera as another airline trying to do low-cost long-haul flying over the Atlantic.  Gulliver has some harsh words for the airline, and it takes a cautious tone about chances of success for the budget model over the Pond.

 – Hawaiian Mana’o
Ever wondered how an airline like Hawaiian picks and launches a new route?  This is a surprisingly detailed and interesting blog post from Hawaiian on that exact topic.

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