3 Links I Love: The Paine Field Shuffle, A Hangar Rises to the North, Via’s Troubles

 – Seattle PI
After long battles commercial air service is finally coming to Paine Field north of Seattle.  Alaska put its flights on sale for travel beginning Feb 11.  This in itself is midly-interesting news, but wait, did Alaska say it would have 18 flights a day? It didn’t have enough gate space at the already-full airport to do that.  So what gives?

Southwest quietly announced in its new schedule release that it has pulled out of Paine entirely and the gate space has gone to Alaska.  (Anyone else want to know what Southwest got in return?) That means Alaska will have the lion’s share of flights with United still expected to fill out the rest.  Alaska is going big here.  I mean, four daily flights to LA?  On the one hand, Alaska keeps Delta out and if this works as planned, it’ll be a big leg up for Alaska in the battle for Seattle.  But if it doesn’t work out, then it’ll just be a big money pit.

 – Alaska Airlines Blog
When I visited Alaska’s Anchorage hangar last year, I marveled at the soaring, pristine wood frame.  Now the new hangar is built, and some of the old wood has been repurposed in the entryway to commemorate the old.  That’s a nice touch, but the future of the old hangar is still unclear.

– Parkersburg News and Sentinel
Seems like things aren’t going so well for Via Air.  We’ve heard this story before, I’m afraid.  Finding a reliable, stable operator on these small routes is a challenge.

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