There Has to Be a Better Way to Handle Operational Disruption

I look forward to the week between Christmas and New Years being nice and quiet… but that didn’t happen this year. Why not? Well, a series of nasty storms rolled through the middle of the country and hit Texas pretty hard. The result? American saw its operation thrown into chaos, and United had a rough go of it as well.

That meant that we were working overtime at trying to help a bunch of stranded travelers… and that inevitably led to us having to do battle with the airlines. It really did feel like a battle. We struggled with airlines giving poor information and enforcing rules differently every time. In the end, everyone got where they needed to be, but it seemed like it should have been far easier than it was. Why do airlines make things so difficult?

On Monday, I sat down with Seth and Fozz at the Dots, Lines, and Destinations podcast, and we talked about this for about 45 minutes. You can listen to right here:

I’m planning on getting back to my normal schedule starting Monday.

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