3 Links I Love: Brexit’s Impact, O’Hare Terminal Plans, Flying Air France La Premiere

This week’s featured link:

Curious what the real impact of Brexit would be on flights if there’s no deal? IATA lays it out clearly. There is little impact on the US, but between the UK and the Continent… capacity could have to be cut.

Two for the road:

Chicago Tribune
The five proposals for O’Hare big new terminal project have been released, and now you can look for yourselves. All seem to focus on building a big, indoor space with an architectural flourish. Some don’t seem all that practical at all. But hey, it’s fun to dream. Now we’ll see who wins.

There are a million trip reports that you can read, but Bernie always makes them more entertaining with his perspective. This time, he flew Air France from LA via Paris to Israel and went in First Class. It’s a fun read.

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