3 Links I Love: The Electric Airline, Qantas Claims Success, Asiana’s Troubles

I’m starting something different this week. Since I’m sick of looking at my standard image every Friday, I’m going to add an “image of the week” to this post when there’s something that grabs me. (I can’t guarantee it’ll happen every week.) This week, I’m starting off with proof that a 7-year old can do better photoshop work than I can. My son did this drawing of Lufthansa, his favorite airline — he carries an old Schabak 747 model around with him all over — departing from LAX.

This week’s featured link:

Harbour Air has a unique short-haul network in an area where there’s a lot of appreciation for conservation. I hope this actually comes to fruition and enables others to consider something similar. (via reader Elliot)

Image of the Week: Lufthansa 747 Departing LAX, drawn by my son

Two for the road:

There are some really interesting numbers in here. Half of the people on the Perth to London flight are beginning or ending in Perth. Another quarter are going to/from Melbourne (it’s the same plane). Much fewer go to other cities in Australia. It’s easy to say the plane is full, but is it making money? Qantas seems happy.

While I don’t imagine an airline owned by one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea is going anywhere, this sounds like quite the mess the airline is in.

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