3 Links I Love: Blue Country, China Airlines in Ontario, and More

Travel Weekly
Quote of the interview: “I would say our business is going to be more analogous to JetBlue.” Interesting comparison.

Image of the Week: China Airlines had its first full month flying to Ontario in April of last year. In late October, the airline switched to a smaller A350 and soon after re-timed the flight to be more customer-friendly. As you can see, loads have climbed nicely. I should note, this is based on what I see for number of flights that actually operated. Hopefully the Flightradar24 data is correct, but passenger numbers definitely are right.

USA Today
This is a much more important story these days because Southwest has been canceling a lot more flights. It’s not a good look.

I admittedly don’t know nearly as much about New York airline history as I’d like, and this is one thing I didn’t know existed. (I know, I may need to turn in my geek card.) This is an older article that I came across recently. And wow, what a spectacular building that was.

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