The Odenwaelder Interview: Capt Korry Franke on Flying the 737

You might recognize the name Korry Franke from this blog. He’s the Captain for United who wrote the book . He asked me to write the foreword for it last year. Korry is doing well, and . But I’ll admit to having an ulterior motive when doing this interview with him. See, Korry flies the 737, and you might say that’s an airplane that’s been in the news just a bit lately.

If you’re looking for wild speculation about the MAX then you’re not going to get it. But Korry and I do get into a discussion about what it’s like flying the 737 and how he’ll feel when he steps back into a MAX cockpit again for the first time. You can , or just listen below.

This is certainly a different kind of interview with no airline exec to be found, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s an interesting and worthwhile expansion of the series.

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