3 Links I Love: Branson in the Caribbean, Long Beach Slots, The Return of Peotone

This week’s featured link:

The Daily Herald
Richard Branson has a track record of mediocre performance at best with his airlines, but investing in LIAT would certainly bring the average down. This is just a financial disaster waiting to happen. While normally that wouldn’t rule out a Branson investment, this one is even too bad for him… I think. LIAT is in really bad shape, and this could just be a last gasp effort.

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Two for the Road:

Long Beach Business Journal
Those 10 slots that JetBlue will gave back in Long Beach have been reallocated. The airport will offer 4 to Delta and 6 to Southwest. What on Earth will Delta do with those 4 slots? And will Southwest have to now cut back its schedule? This is going to get interesting.

Crain’s Chicago Business
Building a third Chicago airport in Peotone was never a good idea. But with O’Hare massive runway and terminal expansion underway, it’s an even worse idea now. So how is it back on the table? File this one under “normal Illinois politics.”

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