3 Links I Love: Delta Ups Its Game, Ben Smith Ups Air France’s Game, Flair is In the Game

This week’s featured link:

Delta News Hub
Every so often, Delta likes to poke its head in and remind everyone just how far ahead it is. If you had said 10 years ago that an airline would be serving free welcome cocktails, a separate appetizer and main course, two hot towels, and a going-away chocolate in coach, you would have been laughed out of the room. With a long and sustained upturn, Delta seems emboldened to keep building its service levels in all classes. Now the question is… what happens during the next downturn? Will everything be cut just as in the past?

Image of the week: airBaltic painted one of its A220s to resemble the Estonian flag. Who knew Estonia and Eastern Air Lines had the same colors? This does look good, as does the from last year.

Two for the road:

A good, long look at what Ben Smith has been trying to do, and it gives some of the positives and negatives. I really like what he’s been pushing so far. Air France is broken, and he has been the first to show any sign of being able to make a dent in fixing it.

Ever wondered what was running through the mind of the folks at Flair up in Canada? Well, here you go.

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