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The Wall Street Journal (Subscription Required)
I know not everyone subscribes, but there was a piece that looked at the planespotting hobby in the WSJ, primarily focusing on the TWA Hotel’s recent decision to start charging people to access the pool deck. I was interviewed for the piece, and Cranky Dorkfest did get a mention as well as a photo.

Some might take issue with the tone of the article talking about how some planespotters are cheap (or actually, according to the sub-headline, “miserly”) . And with that I’ll remind everyone… Cranky Dorkfest is totally free! Heh.

Make your plans to be at the In-N-Out across from LAX on Saturday, September 7 from 11am to 1pm. We’ll talk shop, watch airplanes, and just generally have a good time, as always.

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